Welcome to WGHS 2018-2019!

Honors Chemistry/Honors Biology

Bob Lester, D.C.

Room 408



Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at Global High School, a STEM/ECHS school. As this new year begins, we expect great things for our students.  To aid in this effort, there are certain behavioral expectations as well as policies for grades, lab work, assignments, etc., which will apply to all students.


After reading over these expectations and policies, please email an acknowledgment to me at rlester@wisd.org. Please include your student’s name as well as their block (period) number. Receipt of this email acknowledgment will give your student a ten (10) -point bonus on our first test.


If you or your student have any questions or desire a conference with me, please call or email and set up a meeting time, as I only have a conference time on Tuesday and Thursday.  That way, I will be able to give you my undivided attention when we meet. You may reach me by either of the following methods:


Phone Number:   (972) 923-4761, Room 408

E-Mail:                             rlester@wisd.org


Please feel free to contact me at any time should you have any questions regarding your child's status in my class. I look forward to a great year this year with your student.



  1. Students will be in their seats with all necessary materials (calculators [for science classes], pen/pencils, composition/spiral notebook, etc.) before the bell rings.  Students not in place and ready to begin the start of class are tardy.
  2. Students in science classes need a calculator capable of scientific notation and log functions. Sharing of calculators is not allowed on tests, and I have only a couple of calculators available for loan. (Walmart and Amazon both have TI calculators starting at about $9 that will work very well.)

PLEASE NOTE: Smartphones/notebooks/laptops may be used during class, BUT they are not allowed on tests unless specifically stated.

  1. Students will follow the normal rules of courtesy and behavior
  2. When in the science lab, all safety procedures will be followed at all times. If a student refuses to follow safety procedures, the student will be removed from the activity and given a zero (0) grade for the activity, and parents will be notified.
  3. Students will maintain access to their Schoology accounts for notes, assignments, quizzes, etc. If students need to communicate with me outside of school, there is also an email application within this program.

Disciplinary Matters

Discipline will be in accordance with Waxahachie ISD policy.


Tardy for class

Students not in place and ready to begin class are tardy.  Students who are tardy will not be given additional time to complete work.  Repeated tardiness may result in disciplinary action.


Assignment Policies

  1. All homework is due when called for. Work submitted after that point is late, even if it is in the same class period.
  2. Late work will be accepted one (1) school day late for a maximum grade of a 70, and accepted two (2) school days late for a maximum grade of a 50.  Work not turned in when called for is late.
  3. Arrangements for make-up work for absences are SOLELY the responsibility of the student. Students have one (1) day of makeup for every day of absence.  Tests & labs may be made up for full credit in the case of excused absences, while unexcused absences will be for a maximum grade of 70. The status of excused/unexcused is based upon the absence classification in Skyward.
  4. Students who do not make a passing grade on an exam may make up the test for a maximum grade of 70. Prior to taking the exam, the student must complete a minimum of one (1) hours of tutoring, and the retest must be taken no later than 1 weeks after graded tests are returned. All tests must be completed prior to the end of the grading period.

Grading Policies

There are three (3) grade categories: daily work (15%), major tests (60%), and labs/projects (25%).  Additionally, 20% of the semester exam grade is averaged with 80% of the average of the three six weeks to determine the overall grade for the semester.

Bonus points are available in a variety of ways.  I will discuss these in class.  Please check with your student on this.

WISD provides access to a secure web page to view your student’s grade.  Please see the district web page for further information regarding this access.



            Cheating and plagiarism (the claiming of the work of others as your own) are not allowed.  Any instance of either cheating or plagiarism will result in a zero (0) being given for the assignment/test.  Per WISD policy, students will be allowed to submit work designated as a test grade for a maximum grade of 70. Additionally, a disciplinary referral may be submitted for action by the principal.


Students are encouraged to seek tutoring throughout the year when they are having difficulty mastering a particular concept. Tutoring is during school tutoring times.  Please note that this is subject to change due to unforeseen events.  Additionally, other teachers are also available for tutoring, and students are encouraged to make use of this resource, as well as online tutorial lessons from various websites.


Instruction and Testing

Instruction will utilize a combination of lecture, class notes, online resources, and the textbook. Students will have access to a hard copy version of the text in the classroom, and a digital version of the text for work at home. Testing is based not only on lecture and labs, but also on student reading.  Students are expected to read ahead and be prepared for class.  Failure to do so will likely have an adverse effect on the student’s comprehension of the material.

In conjunction with this approach, notes and other material are placed on the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) for students. Your student will be given an access code for the Canvas LMS in class. This code is unique to that class only, and cannot be used for another class.